Special 2023

A GRAND TOUR OF THE UK & IRELAND – baked goods from region to region

New year, new journey!

Like last year, in 2023 we want to take our IREKS U.K. Ltd. sales team on a journey to discover the variety of baked goods from all over the UK and Ireland. As part of this project, each month, we will introduce a new traditional piece of baked goods from a different region. All the recipes are based on traditional baked goods modified with our IREKS products and are created by one of our team members.

As well as showing you our products, we want to give you an insight into the tradition behind each piece of baked goods and the region from which they originate.

Interested? Join us on our continued journey through the UK and Ireland and spoil your customers with traditional baked goods, some of which may have already been forgotten...

Vegan, Dark Cherry Slices

Traditional Dublin Batch Loaf

Eve’s Pudding

Hot Cross Buns
St Albans

Waterford Blaa

Father’s Day Beer Bread

Double Gloucester Cheese Sourdough Bloomer

The Irish Soda Bread
County Cork

Singing Hinnies

Manchester Tart

Vegan, Gluten-Free Devon Spiced Apple and Cider Slice

Dundee Cake

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