Ingredients for bread & morning goods

Your partner for aroma and taste

For the manufacture of high-quality baked goods, good ingredients are required. Demands vary from business to business. No matter whether malts, sourdoughs, improvers or mixes – as a partner for aroma and taste, we act as the idea provider backing you up, at the same time making space for your individual creativity. By means of our own malthouses and sourdough production, the agricultural trade and our corresponding service package, we offer professional knowledge from grain to baked goods – and beyond.

Our own malt production

Malt is a product of nature. With flavouring characteristics like caramel, roasted or spicy, it provides for a vast portfolio of applications for a distinctive taste. However, malt is even more than that! In addition to improved dough development, using malt guarantees appealing crusts and crumbs as well as optimised fresh-keeping of baked goods. This holds true for both bread and rolls and confectionery baked goods!

This is special about IREKS: As a baking ingredients manufacturer, we have resource to our own malt and malt extract production, thus having all processing stages entirely in our control. Rye, wheat, spelt and barley constitute the basis for a wide range of malt products: in form of flour and paste, liquid, light or dark coloured.

Three-stage method for sourdoughs

There are many reasons speaking well for the use of sourdough: ideal dough processing properties, permanently high baked goods quality as well as an aromatic taste. Hence, IREKS has been working with sourdoughs for around 100 years now. Building on this experience, we make our sourdoughs according to the classic three-stage method. By using selected lactic acid bacteria as well as by the consistent monitoring of our sourdough production, optimal conditions for the desired fermentation are created.

In addition to the manufacture of tried and tested varieties like wheat, rye or spelt sourdoughs, IREKS is permanently developing new ideas. Rediscovered raw materials such as green spelt or buckwheat cater for exceptional sourdough varieties and taste experiences.

Wide range of improvers and mixes

Suitable products for your concept! The compensation for fluctuations in the quality of flour related to harvest conditions or the optimisation of processing as well as baking properties are only a couple of starting points for making good things even better. Beside malt and sourdough products, IREKS offers a large variety of mixes and improvers, customized for your individual needs. Our batch-oriented manufacture facilitates the flexible responding to different requirements. This is our way of producing a large number of products with special properties.