Traditional Dublin Batch Loaf

A GRAND TOUR OF THE UK & IRELAND – baked goods from region to region

For our next destination in the month of February, we are crossing the Irish Sea to get to Ireland. We start in Dublin, where the Dublin Batch Loaf is well known. It gets its name from the way it‘s baked in large batches, either in a coffin tray or on a draw plate. You can recognize the bread by its thick dark crust top and its bottom with an amazingly soft floury crumb. It makes for a great sandwich carrier and is typically eaten for lunch. Our version is made using FERTIG SOUR and VOLTEX.

Recipe: Traditional Dublin Batch Loaf (PDF, 1,7 MB)

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Obviously, Dublin, being the capital of Ireland, is famous for many things. One of them, besides various other sights and places, is its songs and stories. The city was home to several world famous writers, poets and playwrights. However, the most important piece of literature is probably “The Book of Kells”, housed in the Old Library at Trinity College. This library is Ireland’s largest and most impressive one. “The Book of Kells” is an illuminated manuscript, written in Latin and crafted by the Celtic monks. It stems from the medieval period and contains the four Gospels of the New Testament.