The Irish Soda Bread

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Irish soda bread is most famous in Ireland with many bakeries having their own recipe, often handed down from generation to generation. And of course everyone claims theirs to be the best. It’s been a very staple part of the Irish diet through the years due to it being very easy to prepare but yet a great source of valuable ingredients for the whole family. Irish soda bread is very diverse and can be enjoyed with a range of fruit conserves, cheeses, wild Atlantic smoked salmon or a large bowl of sea food chowder. It is hard to say what county the Irish soda bread originates from but it is especially loved in Cork. Based on classic Irish soda bread, IREKS has created their own spelt soda bread using SPELT & HONEY.

Recipe: The Irish Soda Bread (PDF, 1,39 MB)

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County Cork

The largest and most southern county in Ireland, attached to both the Celtic Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Known as the "rebel county", some even call the city of Cork the real capital of Ireland. It is a foodie’s paradise for sure with some of the best locally manufactured products in the land. You will find a broad range of these in the world famous English Market located in Cork City Centre. The English Market has been trading since 1788 and is one of the oldest and certainly best markets in Europe. It has survived famine, flood, war, fires and multiple recessions to remain a strong part of Cork’s retail environment. It is the soul of the city with a really great atmosphere due to the very knowledgeable stallholders and market traders, often with generations of families working in the market. The reputation and history of the market has attracted heads of state, celebrities and tourists from across the globe. A must see when visiting Cork!