Double Gloucester Cheese Sourdough Bloomer

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We are entering summer season – not only the perfect time to be outside with friends and family but also for the next stop of our Grand Tour of the UK & Ireland, Gloucester. So how about some tasty fresh bread with a little extra Gloucester-style flavour? Our recipe is based on IREKS SOURDOUGH STYLE MIX and contains Double Gloucester Cheese, a semi-hard cheese that has been  made in Gloucestershire, England, since the 16th century and has “protected designation of origin”, meaning it can only be produced in Gloucestershire on farms with Gloucester cows. Our mix has a 50 % quantity of addition and is easy to use as well as highly versatile, allowing you to make several products from one dough. Last but not least, it is full of flavour, largely due to the dried wheat sourdough the mix contains.

Recipe: Double Gloucester Cheese Sourdough Bloomer (PDF, 1,49 KB)

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Every year, for at least 600 years now, over the UK Spring Bank Holiday, there is an event known as the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake which takes place near Gloucester. Traditionally this was attended by locals but it is now a worldwide event with participants from Belgium, Egypt, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and more. In the realm of the event, competitors roll and chase a round of Double Gloucester Cheese weighing  7-9 pounds / 3-4 kilos down a steep hill that is 200 yards or 180 meters in length. The winners of the various races are those that are able to catch the cheese and cross the finish line. However, the cheese can reach speeds of up to 70 mph / 110 kph which – inevitably – leads to bruises. The prize for the winners? The cheese!

Enjoy our bread and maybe see you in Gloucester for the race next spring!