IREKS technical book "Bread.Art.Works."

With the new IREKS technical book “Bread.Art.Works.”, we would like to show how, with creativity and passion, bread becomes the centrepiece of a bakery. No matter whether shaped as a bull’s head or as a maple leaf or decorated with unusual designs – in only a few steps, true works of art can be created.

The wide interest in artfully crafted bread has been seen repeatedly at fairs, during webinars or in the reactions to our online items and has inspired us to compile a rather special kind of technical book.

On more than 200 pages, you will discover what is required for the production of decorative bread – from the most varied tools to different techniques. With clearly depicted tables, graphics, processing pictures and photos of baked goods together with short, concise texts, how decorative bread can be successful is conveyed in a diverse way. It thus becomes obvious that the range of possibilities is practically unlimited. This is also shown by the variety of recipe ideas available in the book for decorative bread from mixed wheat loaves and mixed rye loaves, wheat loaves, baguettes and speciality loaves.

“Every baker has heard of decorative bread, but mainly in regard to traditional display pieces which require a great deal of time and which are nothing more than an eye-catcher in the shop window. For this reason, I had the idea to revive the topic of decorative bread once again. This book should convey how simple it can be to make unusual decorative bread with a wow effect by using the most different techniques and basic recipes.“

Tommy Lebe, IREKS Master Baker & initiator of “Bread.Art.Works.”

In addition to providing well-founded specialist knowledge, the book serves as a work of reference and source of inspiration. Due to the contrast of pictures of the baked goods on dark backgrounds with strong shading in parts and the white pages of the text, the decorative bread is shown to its full advantage in a visually perfect way.

The book is available as a hardback book in German and English.

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You would like to learn more about the IREKS technical book “Bread.Art.Works.”?      

Our Master Baker Tommy Lebe presents the book in a short video and provides you with first insights.