MONDO LIEVITO MADRE – A world of possibilities

IREKS continues to expand its sourdough expertise. Together with Meraner Mühle, the joint venture MONDO LIEVITO MADRE S.r.l. was founded in 2021 for the development and production of innovative sourdoughs. Lievito Madre stands for Italian baking culture. The mild-aromatic sourdough is traditionally used to make bread, morning goods, pizza and also confectionery yeast dough baked goods and ensures inimitable aroma and taste experiences.

What is Lievito Madre actually?

Literally translated, Lievito Madre means „mother yeast“ and is the epitome of a mild-aromatic sourdough, which is especially strong in proof. Following a traditional method, we produce our Lievito Madre from wheat flour and water alone. With passion, specially trained lievitisti take care of the correct stage of the sourdough and a pleasant atmosphere, as it is only in this way that the yeasts and lactic acid bacteria develop in an optimum ratio. We also allow our Lievito Madre a lot of time, so that it can unfold in all its facets.

As a result of particularly gentle drying, we put it into a kind of “hibernation”, so that it later provides the baked goods of our customers with that unmistakable character: Smooth doughs which develop an impressive oven spring. An open-textured crumb, which is pleasing to our palate in a tender, airy and melting manner. And an inimitable range of nuances of aroma and taste – characterized by the slow and special fermentation process.

<< Lievito Madre is the epitome of baked goods with a strong character and a unique flavour profile achieved through slow fermentation. Traditionally, Lievito Madre is said to hardly acidify at all, but to aerate the dough tastefully as a raising agent, without the addition of baker‘s yeast. >>

Markus Hombach, Director of the IREKS Baking Academy

Would you like to learn more about Lievito Madre?

In a short video, IREKS master baker and bread sommelier Mathias Weigel presents our Lievito Madre and explains the advantages of its use.