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Speltember prize Drawing

The Speltember campaign from IREKS was launched in the UK to celebrate the harvest season for our spelt which is used in the IREKS product SPELT & HONEY for bread.

In celebration of the new harvest season, customers who signed up to the promotional campaign were able to receive an extra 10% free product in their bags and point of sale items.

They also took part in our nationwide retail customer prize competition, where the baker's customers could enter a free ticket every time they bought their SPELT & HONEY bread. The campaign was a great success for customers taking part, with prizes of echo dots, sound boxes, a play station, a 55 inch TV and a mountain bike.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all our customers who participated!

Plaxtol Bakery
Illy Holmes and winner Paula Hickford
R. Little Bakers
Owner David Little with winner of the Blue Tooth Speaker, Don Gillespie, and Michael Baldwin, the winner of LD 55" TV
RT Stuart Bakers
Keith Stuart and winner Heather Grieve
Greenhalgh's Craft Bakery
Sandra Ogden and winner Jen Opie
Prudens's Bakery
Karen Pruden and winner Michele Davess
RT Stuart Bakers
Mark Stuart and winner Mary Faurfull
McLaren Bakers
Karen Murray and winner Lousie Graig
Rusbridges Bakery
Mrs Rusbridges and winner Jacquline Moran
Brook Bakery
Sandra Gill, Caroline Cobb, Hazel Tyler, Tracy Gold and winner Lee Brogan
Fullers Quality Bakery
Heather Fuller, Eileen Nevitt and winner Liz Cattell