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Special 2018: Street Food [baked]

Regional and international, varied, full of fantasy, but at the same time fast and uncomplicated – that's Street Food [baked] by IREKS.

From old Greece via China to the Aztecs: In some countries, street food already looks back on a long, colourful history. Nowadays, it can be found on every street corner, whether in the large metropolitan areas or small towns. The freshly made, creative delicacies attract the passersby in an almost magical way.

Inspired by the food trends in the world, our calendar shows you twelve varied recipe ideas for the year 2018. Culinary variety meets unbridled joy of discovery here. Due to the combination of different IREKS products, hip street food, such as the beer fruit crumble, spicy corn dogs or the craft malt burger, is created. Whether sweet or hearty, regionally or internationally inspired – every street food lover gets his money's worth.

January 2018: Beer-Fruit Crumble

February 2018: Antipasti Corners

March 2018: Corn Dogs

April 2018: Pesto Waffles

May 2018: Apricot Focaccia

June 2018: Mini Panini Burgers

July 2018: Berry Croissants

August 2018: Craft Malt Burgers

September 2018: Calzone Bagels

October 2018: Weisswurststrudel

November 2018: Churros

December 2018: Filled Bread Rolls