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Special 2017: Passion for Craft

"Passion for Craft" – for IREKS, this means a passion for baking, a love of high-quality bread and the knowledge of what makes true bread enjoyment.

Yearning for real taste experiences is returning increasingly to the awareness of consumers and is the reason why the topic of "Craft" has become one of the most important trends of our sector. Loaves with a craft character and a unique taste, made from the best and most carefully selected raw materials, are in demand.

In twelve surprising picture themes and diverse recipe ideas, our calendar for the year 2017 shows many interpretation possibilities of the food trend "Craft": From traditional and classic recipes via new ideas to exceptional creations, which will be sure to not only make the hearts of adventurous "foodies" beat faster.

Look forward to an exciting year and let our "Passion for Craft" inspire you!

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October 2017: passion to share

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