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Recipes from the Newsletter

With our IREKS newsletter, we are providing news on our latest products and promotions, advice on the hottest trends, information on the industry and much, much more straight to your inbox.

With each of our products, numerous baked goods can be created. In our newsletter, we are highlighting special recipes every time.

Please find the newest ones below.

Recipes from the Newsletter:
Fruit Bread
Speciality Bread

Spelt Rolls

Soft Rolls

Sacher Cake

Corn Bread

Yum Yums

Chia Bread

Fruit and Nut Bread
Sugar-free Muffins
Sugar-free Plain Cake

Tiramisu Cheesecake
Irish Cream Cheesecake

Party Wheels

If you are interested in more recipe ideas, then contact your IREKS representative by clicking here.