iba 2023

Taste it!

The world of baking tastes like many things and a little different for everyone. Together with you, we were able to discover exciting taste dimensions, try new things, experience creativity and variety during iba 2023. We thank all visitors to our fair stand!

Let us continue to inspire you and let us find out together: What does the future taste like for you? Browse through our magazine, exchange ideas with our experts and click through the following additional topics!


Taste the taste!

Rethinking familiar products for the future – you can taste it! By rediscovering traditional raw materials, preparing them differently and combining them, we can create completely new flavours.

Two perfect candidates for this: spelt and green spelt, for which we at IREKS take everything into our own hands from cultivation to refinement and processing to the finished baked goods. We have used this IREKS grain competence to develop VEGRAIN GREEN SPELT SNACK, a product based on green spelt and oat flakes for the production of vegan snack products. Thanks to its many uses as a spread, filling or dip, our new product can be easily integrated into the existing range or used for offers such as burger patties, chilli sin carne and vegan bolognese.

For our PASTE FOR TASTE RANGE, we also combine proven raw materials whose refinement we have perfected at IREKS: aromatic malt grains and seeds, sweetish malt flours and coarse malt flours, strong sourdough and a pinch of salt. We give them plenty of time to swell and ferment. Whether in hearty bread, airy baguettes, crispy rolls or delicate confectionery baked goods, whether in baked goods made from wheat, rye or spelt – our pastes bring flavour and variety to the range in the simplest way imaginable.

Taste the skill!

Good craftsmanship and baking technology knowledge lay the foundation for taste and quality that can be experienced with all our senses. Long dough methods or the skilful combination of unusual raw materials show how to give baked goods that certain something.

All this is combined in our new product ROMEO – a mix for Mediterranean-style bread. ROMEO impresses with the interplay of a special flour cuvée and dried Lievito Madre, grape seed flour and olive oil. But what would Romeo be without Juliet? Our mix and the matching herb topping JULIA TOPPING simply belong together, just like the union of the two lovers. The duet creates baked goods with character, reminiscent of holidays, amore and sunny days in Italy! Of course, ROMEO and JULIA TOPPING can also be used individually. Create your very own rustic bread or refine your baked goods with our spicy-aromatic topping, for example.

Fermented wheat bran, durum wheat Lievito Madre and active dry yeast – this triple combination makes LIEVITO MADRE TRIO unique! While the wheat bran brings a full note of acidity and a slightly toasted taste to the baked goods, the durum wheat sourdough ensures good dough and fermentation stability, an appealing baked goods volume and a tender-melting, moist crumb. The trio is completed by active dry yeast, which guarantees the necessary proof performance and safety. In this way, perfect Mediterranean-style baked goods with a special flavour profile can be conjured up using different dough methods.

Taste the joy!

Confectionery baked goods are much more than just sweet. Whether tender-melting, full-bodied or moist and fresh, dive with us into the many facets of sweet baked goods and rediscover the joy in them.

A special raw material in terms of sensory properties is poppy seed. Everything in the production of our poppy-seed products is in our hands – from the field to the finished product. And you can taste that, too! Thanks to its high poppy seed content, the new product MELLA-MOHN GOURMET convinces with an attractive, dark appearance and a full-bodied, strong poppy seed taste without bitter substances. The poppy-seed filling can be used in a variety of ways, such as in the classic poppy-seed striezel and poppy-seed cake, in poppy-seed franzbrötchen or for refining sponge cake and plain cake batters as well as for making desserts.

With this new product range IREKS MOIST CAKE, you can create cakes that are incredibly moist and stay fresh for a long time. There is plenty of scope for creativity – from classic plain cakes to exotic and fruity tray cakes. In addition to the basic mix, IREKS MOIST CAKE is available with chocolate flavour or the trendy ingredient carob flour. “Carob” is the name given to the pulp of the pods of the carob tree. The sweetish, malty and at the same time subtly tart aroma is reminiscent of a mixture of caramel, coffee and cocoa.

With calm and passion to sweet indulgence! This is true for the “Grandi Lievitati”, the name given to the typical Italian festive cakes made from heavy yeast dough, such as the classics panettone, pandoro and colomba, which are given an unmistakable character by the addition of Lievito Madre. For the competence product LIEVITO MADRE GRANDI LIEVITATI, we combine our own mild Lievito Madre with carefully selected special flours. This results in baked goods with a unique, fine crumb structure and a  tender-melting bite.