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Organic products


Liquid dough acidifying agent with rye in organic quality

Processing advantages

  • processing of sourdough without the use of a precursor, but with a typical sourdough aroma
  • high reliability due to a continuously constant acidification and compensation of deviating flour qualities
  • reliable acidification of all types of bread         

Quality advantages

  • constant bread quality
  • balanced bread taste with a typically strong sourdough aroma
  • typical sourdough crumb texture
Quantity of addition: 2 - 8 %  |  12.5 kg paper bag


Organic improver for all wheat doughs

Processing advantages

  • dry, stable doughs
  • high fermentation tolerance

Quality advantages

  • crispy crust
  • open crumb texture
  • pleasant smell and taste
Quantity of addition: 1.5 %  |  25 kg paper bag