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Online-Seminar: IREKS eCampus [LIVE]
“The craft of making rolls”

How can you create your own artisan roll with a unique selling point?

Bread rolls are often the flagship of a bakery. Above all, quality plays a decisive role. Our expert Christoph Popp will introduce you to various ways of making your rolls stand out from the standard. You will also learn how to achieve even more flavour facets with the help of poolish, autolysis processes and aromatic sourdoughs.

Be inspired and discover possibly long-forgotten manufacturing methods that will turn your rolls into real classics!


  • Manufacturing and processing of poolish
  • Tips on the traditional autolysis process
  • Use of aromatic sourdough
  • Live baked goods presentation incl. enjoyment descriptions

Experience live...

Christoph Popp    
IREKS Baking Centre

Master Baker International

Philipp Vieracker
IREKS Office staff

Master Baker and Product Manager


“There is something magical about the smell of freshly baked bread rolls, no one can resist this aroma. Let's explore the magic of delicious, crusty rolls together while talking about new recipes and dough methods. We look forward to seeing you!”



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23 March 2021 | 2 pm (GMT) – German
25 March 2021 | 2 pm (GMT) – English
30 March 2021 | 9 am (BST) – English

Duration:     30 minutes (followed by a question and answer session)

Participation fee: free of charge



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