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SPELTEMBER – the month full of spelt

Our passion for baking also leads to a passion for good raw materials – the basis of our high quality products. Therefore, we think that it is worth telling you more about SPELT, a main ingredient of SPELT & HONEY.

At IREKS, we know everything about the value of tradition and long-lasting partnerships. Not only with our customers but also with our suppliers!

One of our carefully selected spelt suppliers is the farmer Mathias Klöffel from Großbardorf in Lower Franconia. Never heard of Großbardorf? That is quite possible as it is just a tiny village, only 120 km away from our headquarters in Kulmbach in Upper Franconia!

We have been accompanying Mathias and the ancient spelt grain he has been growing for us already since September 2019, when he started sowing our spelt. He has been giving us frequent updates on what is happening on his field until August 2020, the month of harvesting.

And why the name SPELTEMBER?

Because in September, the freshly harvested spelt from August is passing through our production site in Kulmbach, and with this, we produce our popular SPELT & HONEY mix!

Let your customer be a part of the exciting journey – from the early beginnings of the seeds on the field to the delicious spelt bread in your bakery!

SPELTEMBER is a promotion campaign for you!

It helps you to tell your customer the story from farmer to baker and visualises where the raw material of your bread comes from.

Take the chance and use our promotion material. It explains to your customers in a simple way where your spelt comes from.