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British Baker – Spelt & Honey Customer Case Study

Ancient grains for today’s consumer

With consumers increasingly interested in pursuing healthier lifestyles, it is more important than ever that your range includes better-for-me options to attract the more health-conscious shopper. One way to incorporate more products in a varied diet is with ancient grains like chia and spelt, as Scottish craft bakers J.G. Ross found out when we trialled our SPELT & HONEY mix with them and their customers.

Spelt, an ancestor of our modern forms of wheat, has a long and interesting history since it was first grown in Europe over 4,500 years ago. Our SPELT & HONEY mix is made with 100% spelt (based on milled grain products) combined with the best quality sunflower seeds, coarsely ground lupin seeds, sesame and a splash of honey to create a nutty and aromatic taste to tempt your customers' tastebuds. We have also carefully developed our mix to create optimum dough consistency for efficient and versatile processing and high reliability to ensure quality in every bake.

J.G. Ross have been trialling the SPELT & HONEY mix in their 21 retail stores since January, using it to produce a rustic uncut loaf which they have introduced as a weekend special. Dianne Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager at J.G. Ross, tells us more. "We were really keen to trial a Spelt & Honey loaf in store to offer our weekend customers something a bit different. We've actually been quite surprised at the consumer interest in spelt as a grain - many customers already know its benefits and therefore are delighted to see it on shelf, and those who don't are interested to learn."

It is important to differentiate spelt and honey baked goods from the rest of your range by explaining the special taste to consumers. Dianne advises using POS to disrupt shoppers' purchasing decisions. She also explains how they ensure the product stands out on shelf: "We package the loaf in a brown paper bag rather than our usual clear cellophane, largely to help retain the crisp top after bake. But this also means our customers know it's something a bit different, and gives it a premium 'weekend treat' look and feel too".

Dianne concludes, "We'd definitely recommend stocking a spelt product within your range, and the SPELT & HONEY mix is a really easy way to create a quality product. My biggest tip would be to make sure you're educating consumers on its benefits - whether that's through POS, introductory promotions or simply ensuring staff are talking to customers about it in store. As a speciality product it can command a higher price point than a normal loaf, which can be enhanced even further with heritage packaging such as brown paper."

We are currently offering free promotional bags to all customers who buy the SPELT & HONEY mix, to help them present the new product to their shoppers effectively. To claim your bags, and see sales of this product rise, be sure to contact your sales representative to chat to him about introducing the SPELT & HONEY mix.