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This month, we find ourselves in Lancashire, North West England, home of the Oven Bottom Muffin. Depending on where you are in the region, you might also hear them called Barm Cakes. This recipe includes VOLTEX improver and IREKS CRUMB SOFTENER for a muffin with a soft and fluffy texture. The Oven Bottom Muffin provides a great base as a sandwich carrier with favourite fillings such as ploughman’s, sausage, bacon, fish fingers and chips. Traditionally, the muffin was leavened with barm which is the foam that forms at the top of fermenting liquid during beer or winemaking. Breweries would sell the barm to bakers even after commercial yeast became available.

Recipe: Oven Bottom Muffins


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The County of Lancashire is steeped in history and has seen many a battle dating back hundreds of years. Since it did not exist at the time of the "Domesday Book", released in 1086, it is believed that the County of Lancashire was created in 1182. Lancashire was a key player in the Industrial Revolution. There were a number of inventions that started to replace the long history of skilled weavers of the region. One such example was the introduction of the Spinning Jenny that was invented by James Hargreaves and patented in 1770. The machine allowed for more threads and yarns to be produced by fewer workers. Over time, efficiency was improved which ultimately led to lower prices.