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National Bakery Awards 2021 postponed to March 2022

Due to the current restrictions on gatherings, the event has been postponed to March 2022!

Quick reminder as to how it goes: Every bakery throughout the UK – both retail and wholesale – can apply by 21 January 2022. Afterwards, a jury will select the best bakeries from each county. The winners will then be invited to a glamorous red carpet celebration in London. On this evening, the so-called regional finalists as well as the National Bakery of the Year will be announced. Regularly, the entry cost comes to £25, but as we are sponsoring this unique event, we can obtain a free entry code for you! If you’re interested, please contact Daren Roots. We wish you great success!

Important note: If you have entered the 2021 National Bakery Awards, your entry will automatically be carried across to 2022. You don’t have to re-enter!

Click on the link below for all relevant information:

You have never heard of the National Bakery Awards?

Well, then ask yourself whether your bakery is the best in your county. If so, don’t hesitate to apply and make a run at the National Bakery Awards, where the best bakeries in the UK are picked every year. We're happy to sponsor this fantastic event which also highlights and awards the new and young talents working their way into the industry.