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Malt products from IREKS: everything from one source

IREKS is unique within the industry: Our malt and malt extract production covers all the processing stages in one company – from the selection of the raw grain to the finished product. Our knowledge and our experience of malt production have been developed in more than 160 years and thus form a solid basis.

Malt products are mainly used as flavour and aroma providers. They are used in wheat baked goods, such as bread, rolls and baguettes, but also in rye baked goods, such as wholemeal bread or mixed grain bread. They are of equal importance in the production of crackers, snack products, rusks and grissini.

IREKS offers light and dark liquid malt extracts. The colour of the malt extracts is influenced by the use of different temperatures during the production process. In the case of malt products in flour form from IREKS, malt extracts – also light or dark – are brought onto malt flour or other grain products.

What is a malt extract from IREKS? It is a non-enzyme active, concentrated, aqueous extract of malt containing all soluble malt components such as sugars, proteins, minerals and flavours.

As malt extracts contain natural yeast food, vitamins and minerals of the malt, they also form the ideal environment for an optimum development of the dough, resulting in an enhanced proof and a pleasant crumb colour.

Further ingredients of the malt extract, such as dextrins and similar special sugars, do not only improve the taste, but also the smoothness of the dough and the freshkeeping. Over and above, they reduce the risk of breaking, e.g. in biscuits.

Malts are not only used for baking! Breweries in Germany and Austria place their trust in IREKS brewing malt of the highest quality. But malt products are also used in the production of chocolate, sweets, hot-soluble drinks and malt coffee.

Are you interested in our malt products? Then please get in touch. Together with our experts, we will find the optimum product for you.