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The month of May takes us to London, more specifically Chelsea, home of the Chelsea Bun. The recipe provided is based on MELLA BRIOCHE POF, giving the bun a more premium feel. Chelsea Buns came into being as long ago as the 18th century and were originally baked in the bun house, which was an establishment frequented by the Hanoverian Royalty of the time. The Chelsea Bun House was demolished in 1839, but the sweet treat remains popular and can be found in bakeries throughout the UK.

Recipe: Brioche Chelsea Buns


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Chelsea sits in the "Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea", and was formed in 1963. It is the smallest borough in London and the second smallest district in England, making it one of the most densely populated administrative regions in the whole of the UK. It is an extremely affluent area containing famous department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols to name but two. It is also home to embassies, major museums and the Notting Hill Carnival, the largest in Europe. Last but not least, another famous site is Kensington Palace,
a British royal residence.