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Bako Western Trade Show

On Sunday 14th October, IREKS presented exciting products at the Bako Western Trade Show hosted for their customers:

IREKS MULTI CAKE SUGAR-FREE was made into Mini Lemon and Poppy Loaf Cakes. Also Vegan Cake Slices with a crunchy sugar topping were presented (cocoa powder was also added to the VEGAN CAKE MIX to make a Chocolate Cake and topped with a crumble topping to show how versatile the VEGAN CAKE MIX is). Other products were the IREKS AMERICAN-STYLE COOKIE, the IREKS CHOC MUFFIN-MIX and MELLA BRIOCHE POF.

The PUMPKIN-BREAD MIX was turned into Pumpkin-shaped Bread to highlight different products for Halloween. Spelt & Honey Bread was also made. A further product at the stand was Protein Bread which has just been launched by IREKS using the product IREKS PROTEIN BREAD MIX.

A lot of interest was shown by customers at the IREKS stand in "Free-from products" (Sugar-free, Vegan and, of course, the full range of IREKS Gluten-free products) especially.